Welcome to my world of loyal dog's.
"Heaven goes by favor; if it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in."
~ Mark Twain

I dedicate this page to my latest loss...
Milo Way
One of the most loyal dogs I have ever owned. RIP Milo, as you left your footprints across my heart.

A faithful and loyal dog who went with me everywhere to work and play.
I got Milo to hopefully replace her. She was dying from tumors and eventually had a stroke and needed to be put down.

Though not my dog, she was originally one of those "Wants" from the daughter who just had to have a puppy. Cuddlez too developed those cancerous tumor cells. The era of Blackratt's and Cuddlez's demise was when there was the big news of Purina dog food's poison's:
"Quality Nutrition And Great Taste. Save on Your Next Purchase of Beneful"

Lawsuit claims Beneful sickened, killed pets. The suit alleges Beneful dry dog foods contain an ingredient toxic to animals, propylene glycol, a chemical used in automobile antifreeze.

Now here's a smart dog. She too has past away. She was outside playing as I mowed the lawn. I saw her after the 3rd
round mowing just laying there. It was later as I got closer to the fence that I saw she wasn't moving. Chika also was fed that "Quality Nutrition And Great Taste. Save on Your Next Purchase of Beneful"
 I had to personally watch these beautiful and 100% loyal three dogs die slowly, and I being disabled couldn't offer much relief to them on my austerity budget of $906.00 a month to live or sub-exist on after working for decades in this country. They are now buried in the yard out front.

I knew Blackratt was slowly dying, so I got Milo as the upcoming replacement to loosing her soon.
As my health got worse (due to worthless doctor's) I became much more limited as to what I could do. So for Milo I got him a friend to play with. Uma...

Milo as a puppy.

Milo snuggling me as usual..

Milo the Handsome 1...

Milo seen here on Cat Patrol.

Uma and Milo.

That brings us to Sawyer. An immigrant from Mexico from adoption. My beautiful daughter Karaboo also loves dogs too! She has two rescued dogs. Another one named Nacho who's from Texas.
Dog's have a way of weaseling their way into your hearts and beds.

Here's Nacho!
Most spoiled dog in the house... Well not really. He's my daughters favorite. He is spoiled though.

Sleeping Beauty - Uma

Loki filling his spot where Milo used to rule as KING!

Loki snuggling me. Yes! I know he's cute isn't he. You ought to nibble his ears.

Keep your dogs off Drugs!

Case in point... Don't allow your dogs to do Drugs!

They could end up also looking like Nancy Pelosi.

Getting close to dinner time... Spoiled dogs.

Milo was known for his stealing my spot.

Sleepy time with cuddling Milo.

The day I picked Loki up whom my daughter found in a Craigslist ad. He growled at me and didn't like me then. haha

My late Milo out looking for something to chase along the Montana Rail Link tracks.

By the way... You can tell where a train has been because they do leave their tracks.

My "Organic Alarm" on truck.
Loki is in training.

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