The Vietnam War and the
Phoenix Program


The major two components of the program were Provincial Reconnaissance Units (PRUs) and regional interrogation centers.

PRUs would kill or capture "suspected VC members" as well as "civilians" who were 'thought' to have information on VC activities. Many of these people were taken to interrogation centers and were "tortured" in an attempt to gain intelligence on VC activities in the area.

The information extracted at the centers was given to military commanders,
who would use it to task the PRU with further "capture and assassination" missions. The program's effectiveness was measured in the number of VC members who were "neutralized", a euphemism meaning imprisoned,
persuaded to defect, or killed.

The program was in operation between 1965 and 1972, and similar efforts existed both before and after that period. By 1972, Phoenix operatives had "neutralized" 81,740 suspected VC operatives, informants and supporters, of
whom between 26,000 and 41,000 were killed.

Dismantling Democracies:
CIA & US Far-Right Wing (GOP & DEM) Policy

Related to above video:
Intelligence act will protect CIA agents who ‘commit war crimes,’ whistleblower Kiriakou tells RT

A new US bill would make it illegal to reveal the identity of a covert agent, even after their retirement or death, if it becomes law. Former CIA officer, and whistleblower, John Kiriakou told RT that it will protect wrongdoers.

The 2020 Intelligence Authorization bill passed the US House of Representatives last week, and will become law once agreed upon by the House and Senate. Aside from funding the US’ intelligence agencies for the forthcoming year, a provision in the act would dramatically expand a 1982 law that makes it a criminal offense to disclose the identities of covert officers.

Agencies and individuals involved in the program

1. The CIA.
2. United States special operations forces.
3. U.S. Army intelligence collection units from the U.S. Military.
4. Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV—the joint-service.
command that provided command and control for all U.S.
advisory and assistance efforts in Vietnam)
5. Special forces operatives from the Australian Army Training
Team Vietnam (AATTV),
6. The Republic of Vietnam's (South Vietnam) security

Vietnam Americas Holocaust
Ear's for Beers. - Testicles too!
Video documents how the same "alleged" VC were thrown out of helicopters and would splat into the rice fields below from a 1000 foot drop. As well as shooting anything that moved.

I dedicate this webpage to my best friend while growing up. He always seemed to be at our house, that was at a time in which the term "boyfriend" meant something totally different then it does today. My father would always ask if he was staying the night?

His family were all Mormon's, mom was trying to raise me as a Jehovah's Witness, and he and I grew close. Yet it was when I only later understood the reason why he was always at my house. I'd known him since the 2nd grade. I met him in 1968 and his two older brothers were veterans from the Vietnam war.

I also have twin brothers as well as two sisters that are older then I am. But he was closer then my own brothers were. Perhaps if was the empathy for his plight in his own family's life?

When he started hanging around he never seemed like he wanted to go home. When he stayed and it was time for bed I recall him removing his shirt and pants and seeing the mass bruisings all over his body. When he'd take a shower and remove his shorts I saw there was no area exempt from their physical abuse of him in beating him up all the time.

I'm not sure if it was all related to their experiences in the war or not, or a form of PTSD that came after their separation from their military service? They drank heavy too!

Later our friendship would be reciprocal as I at 12 years of age, was sexually abused and he was the only one I could talk to.

Robert McNamara admits Vietnam War a mistake

McNamara highlight the fictitious Communist and Soviet threat's outlined by President Truman's 1947 Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower would later warn about as the NSC 68 (National Security Counsel) would push the false narrative for the expansion of the U.S. Military budget that at the time was $30 Billion dollars to 3 X's that amount. Today the Pentagon's budget in nearly $800 Billion annually for the same perceive "Russian Aggression" used to distract Americans from the dying infrastructure, people crapping in the streets, the homeless living in tent cities, starvation as well as those military recruiters, active duty Marines and Special Op's and Veterans who are daily committing suicide.

NSC 68 a 66-page top secret National Security Council policy paper drafted by the Department of State and Department of Defense and presented to President Harry S. Truman on 7 April 1950

Not to exclude all the past and current government corruption, sex scandals and those who profit in the arms sales and importing of drugs into America by our own government.

Plus the Corporate takeover of America who to seek cheap slave labor, out sourced their job's to which as President Trump recently said, "70,000 Factories have left America." He blames China, yet it was those US Corporations that did that. Millions lost their apartments, homes, vehicles and credit. Then the CEO's got millions in bonus pay and the Corporations received massive tax breaks.

McNamara's Folly:
The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam
In the below video, upwards of 100,000 drafted boys with very low IQ's were used during the Vietnam war. Referred to like in Tennessee as Hill People who didn't even know there was a war.

Why we should lower the age for recruitment to 16

At the end of World War II, the Army had over 8 million service members. Today, the Army has fewer than 500,000 troops. And it’s struggling to reach its recruiting goals.

I have to laugh at this article as to the current government trying to disarm law abiding Americans of their assault weapons being banned. But I guess if your 16, freshly drafted out of those gun free zones at school's and now in the military. That suddenly all the assault rifles are good and that youth's shooting people is A OK?

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